Welcome to Avalon Sky High Performance Training Inc.

Attention: Registration for Winter Programs is a two-step process! NLVA/Volleyball Canada Registration is required in order to participate in Provincial and National Tournaments. Please choose Youth Recreation for Provincial tournament participants, and Youth Competitive for National tournament participants (Rep athletes). Families will not be able to register for Winter Sky Programs without registering with NLVA/VC first. Athletes who have already registered with NLVA for Fall events will be discounted the transaction, but need to register here so they can be added to team Rosters with the Club.

Step 1: Here is the link to Register with NLVA/VC through the Sky Club (required to complete Sky Registration below): https://volleyball.canada.sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/registration/member-registration/club/12366 

Step 2: Here is the link to Register for the Sky Winter Program: https://volleyball.canada.sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/registration/event-registration/index/12366  

Community Support Grant: DEADLINE December 20! $10 from every registration will go towards the Winter registration of successful applicants. Further information may be required. Applicants must be returning members of the program. Application form:  https://forms.gle/q6rtv2B4ymVjVJy19   

NLVA Provincial Tournament Schedules 2023-2024: https://nlvolleyball.net/youth-events/ 

Volleyball Court Sessions/Match Nights

Thanks to the Upper Island Cove Community Centre, we are pleased to offer Volleyball skills sessions for athletes in Junior High and High School. Age-specific groups encourage growth and development in both skills and confidence. Fall 2023 programs are planned. Click below for more information.

Elite Training Program

In 10-week intervals, athletes are exposed to the mental and physical training routines of an elite lifestyle. Increases in vertical jump, foot speed, and strength can be expected. Athletes will also develop critical skills in goal-setting and lifestyle reflection, equipping themselves with the ability to adapt in a changing world! New 10-week program planned for September!

CBN Volleyball Club

Building community through sport! Fun skill development and games, in a low-pressure learning environment!

The Road to the Volleyball Canada Nationals 2024

Volleyball Canada has set its dates, and the Sky Volleyball Club has begun its plans! Official identification programs will be shared later this Fall, according to the dates set by NLVA policy. Click below for more information, which will be updated regularly!

Player Profiles

We are proud to highlight some of our athletes who demonstrate exceptional work ethic and commitment! Click below to meet some of these outstanding young leaders!

Yoga Program

In today's increasingly challenging world, take the time to create a sense of calm and peace of mind, while increasing your focus, flexibility, balance, and mental and physical strength. Dare to begin the journey of deep self-awareness and personal growth and success! 10-week programs or single sessions at the Upper Island Cove Community Centre.

Meta Phor

A simple and profound manual for building a Growth Mindset. Every copy sold supports our youth programming, while spreading the values of our program!


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The helpline will provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances. 

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or e-mail skyhighperformancetraining@gmail.com for more information or to register for a program.