Elite Training Program

This program is designed for athletes with a strong desire to develop the physical and mental athletic abilities of an elite lifestyle! As they make their way through the stages, athletes develop leadership and independence, as a Growth Mindset becomes the default mechanism. Skills gained along the way are life skills integral to success in today's changing world! Each 10-week program (12 sessions) costs $315, and athletes receive personalized gear along with their stage-specific training equipment and booklet. As part of the registration for this program, athletes are invited and encouraged to attend the Court Sessions and Match Nights appropriate to their age group. 

Every participant from the Fall program will be given an opportunity to participate in NLVA Provincial tournaments this Winter! 

NLVA Provincial Tournament Schedule: https://nlvolleyball.net/youth-events/ 

Register for NLVA/VC through the Sky Club here (required): https://volleyball.canada.sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/registration/member-registration/club/12366 

Register for Winter programs here: https://volleyball.canada.sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/registration/event-registration/index/12366 

Stage 1 - Introduction to Training and Goal-Setting

Along with their personalized gear, athletes receive a jump rope, exercise band, and a booklet to track their goals and progress. In each two hour session, athletes will carry out jump training, circuit training, and strength training. In an introductory session before the 10-week program begins, they will set clear and specific goals. Each week, they will be encouraged to reflect on their goals and their readiness for training.

Stage 2 - Endurance and Maintenance

Athletes will be encouraged to find their mental and physical limits and push past them. Their goals will reflect the idea of extending beyond their limits from Stage 1. They will receive an exercise band, a foam roller and an ice pack, encouraging them to look after their tired, hard-working muscles, and promote recovery.

Stage 3 - Core Stability and Proprioception

Athletes will be introduced to a yoga routine, encouraging them to build their core strength and to develop a mind-body connection. Each athlete will receive a yoga mat and exercise band, and will be encouraged to begin building a lifestyle routine at home. They will also begin to recognize the growth of their confidence and leadership skills.

Stage 4 - Build a program, build a lifestyle

Athletes will be encouraged to set goals based on implementing a healthy lifestyle. They will develop strategies and routines to make their exercise program a daily activity. Athletes receive an exercise band and a stability ball. They begin to see evidence of their leadership skills and to role model their lifestyle and work ethic to the younger athletes.

Stage 5 - Mentorship

Athletes will be paired with a small number of younger athletes, who they will train with, sharing the strategies and successes from previous training programs. In an expression of gratitude for their leadership, there is no registration cost for this stage of the training program!

Stage 6 - Leadership in action 

One of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences is to provide service to others. In this stage, athletes will be encouraged to seek certification as coaches or officials, and bring their knowledge and services back to the Sky Program. Because they've developed confidence and leadership, they will choose the direction of their growth and learning. Of course, just like in Stage 5, in an expression of gratitude for their leadership, there is no registration cost for this stage of the training program!

Stay tuned for the Fall Schedule, which will be posted here: