THe Road to the VOlleyball Canada Nationals 2025

Competition is one of the greatest and most challenging motivators for developing a Growth Mindset!

Stay tuned for plans for May 2025! 

Thanks to everyone for expressing interest and supporting this exciting aspect of our program!

Important Note: As per NLVA policy, there will be specific timelines for identifying and preparing athletes for the Nationals. This process is separate from our inclusive programming! 

Athletes are expected to participate in the court sessions/game nights, to participate in these programs. However, as per NLVA policy, there will be specific timelines required for identifying and training the teams that will represent our programs at the Volleyball Canada Nationals.

Athletes are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Elite Training Program (which includes the court sessions and match nights), where they obtain the mental and physical preparation for three days of intense competition.

Dates and Locations will e shared here, when released by Volleyball Canada: 

***Please note that programs associated with sending teams to the Nationals are intended to support and supplement already-existing local programs. There is no intend to conflict or clash with programs that already provide opportunities for youth participation.